595 Exeter Road.

London, ON N6E 2Z2

TEL:(519) 685-0888

FAX: (519) 685-0889

EMAIL: john@stpierreconstruction.ca

A Little Bit About Us!


History of St. Pierre Construction

St Pierre Construction started in 1940. It was mainly a demolition and yard sales company.  It was owned by Larry St Pierre who retired in 1981. John Shirley took over at that time and ever since St Pierre grew into one of the largest salvaged, recycling and deconstruction yards in Southwestern Ontario.


St Pierre Construction projects are mainly demolition and deconstruction of houses, buildings, offices, mall stores, hotels, cinemas, chain and regular restaurants, schools, factories, etc. Our main goal is to recycle usable materials.


We systematically deconstruct items and bring them to our show room located at 595 Exeter Rd, west side of the Ministry of Transportation.


We are proud of being part of a green solution to protect the environment!


You will be able to find unique and vintage construction items among the hundreds of doors and windows.


Some of our items were used in houses or building in the late 1800’s


We also supply items to Shows at Victoria Park and Movie productions!

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